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#24 - King of the Hill

These boys aren't right. And who would be, hwhat with everything going on in the world. We get hoity-toity about King of the Hill this week! King of the Hill: An Am...

#23 - Ernest P. Worrell with Joe Devine

Hey Vern! Returning guest Joe Devine joins us as we discuss everyone's favorite rubber-faced yokel. Know what I mean? HoodyMage:

#22 - Star Wars Prequels with Matthew Gaydos

Something something General Kenobi. Our friend Matt Gaydos (Journey to the Microcosmos, Cooler than Homework) joins us this week to see what was so bombad about Episod...

#21 - Extreme Makeover Home Edition with Max Mahn

This week our friend Max Mahn (Twin Home Prints) joins us to talk about ABC's hit show that was a spin-off of another hit ABC show among so, so many other things. T...

#20 - Childhood Snacks

Yummy yummy in our tummies! From Swoops to SoBe, we remember all that trash we shoved down our gaping li'l maws on this week's episode! Thank you to MoonRayker for ...

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