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#27 - Video Store Rentals

This week Paul and Josh go to the video store to get the hottest new release: Monkeybone. MoonRayker: Twitter: https://www....

#26 - Nintendo 64 with Drew Jackson

We're joined this week by none other than the man behind our theme song, Drew Jackson, a.k.a MoonRayker to discuss the N64 in all its glory! Drew's Twitch: https://...

#25 - Malcolm in the Middle with Katelyn Salem

Yes? No? Maybe? I truly do no know. We're joined by returning guest Katelyn Salem to chat about the classic Fox show Malcolm in the Middle! Malcolm in the Middle Re...

#24 - King of the Hill

These boys aren't right. And who would be, hwhat with everything going on in the world. We get hoity-toity about King of the Hill this week! King of the Hill: An Am...

#23 - Ernest P. Worrell with Joe Devine

Hey Vern! Returning guest Joe Devine joins us as we discuss everyone's favorite rubber-faced yokel. Know what I mean? HoodyMage:

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